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Conservation Landscape for your Yard Program Interest

Conservation Landscape for your Yard Program Interest

Share your information and we will contact you soon about our Land Conservation Program details and how you can get started building your own.

Conservation Landscapes for your Yard

The Cumberland River Compact is thrilled to lead Nashville in an effort to promote conservation landscapes by rewilding residential yards through the installation of Pocket Prairies and Rain Gardens. Many of our common water quality issues start at home. Please fill out the form below to find out how you can make an impact by implementing a conservation landscape!

What is a Pocket Prairie? 

Pocket Prairies are intentionally designed to replace common weeds and turf grasses with environmentally friendly native species that support local habitats, reintroduce nutrients back into the soil, and improve water quality. When plants are given a chance to flourish, they grow deeper roots which break up the soil below enabling more water to infiltrate. This serves to slow down, treat, and cool water before it enters nearby waterways. 

What is a Rain Garden? 

Rain Gardens are a natural and beautiful way to reduce and clean stormwater. They are shallow, depressed gardens designed to collect rainwater and allow it time to filter into the ground, mimicking natural processes. This results in cleaner water, less water entering our storm systems, and more water refilling the underground water table that keeps small streams flowing during the dry summer months. 

Why should I use Conservation Landscapes? 

 Rain Gardens are lovely, lively, colorful, low maintenance habitats that serve multiple purposes. Through collective action, we can improve the health of our shared Cumberland River Watershed and its surrounding tributaries. 



Rain Gardens for Nashville

The Cumberland River Compact's Rain Garden Manual.