Cumberland River Compact

No Mow Month 2024

No Mow Month 2024

Update: We have reached our current capacity for No Mow Month sign ups – 1000 lawns are letting their grass grow across Nashville!  Due to the huge popularity of this program, we have exhausted our supply of signs and, unfortunately, will not be able to provide signage for new participants. 

If you still plan to let your lawn grow this Spring, please be sure you refer to Metro Codes policy and any local HOA guidelines to keep your lawn grass below 12 inches. Thanks and happy No Mow Month!


Throughout the entire month of April, the Cumberland River Compact is encouraging residents of Davidson County to give their mowers a rest and let their grass grow! By participating in No Mow Month, residents can actively improve water quality, reduce carbon emissions, and create healthy habitats. 

After registering, you will receive an email in March with information about where to pick up your No Mow Month sign. We will close the registration page after 1000 people have signed up. 

Will I be fined by Metro Codes if I let my grass grow tall?
No! We are partnering with Metro Nashville on this project; as long as residents keep their grass below 12 inches in height and visibly display their No Mow Month signs in their yards, they will be in compliance with Metro's High Grass and Weeds code. 

Residents are encouraged to check HOA guidelines to ensure compliance with additional neighborhood regulations. 

What do I do at the end of No Mow Month?
When it does come time to mow your grass at the end of April, be sure to have a weed eater handy for the first pass over. The grass may be too long for your mower to handle. 

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